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Peter Boome 11.25" x 15.5" Print - "Woof" - Washington State Historical Society

Peter Boome 11.25" x 15.5" Print - "Woof"

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Limited Edition Serigraphs By Peter Boome

Peter Boome is a member of the Upper Skagit Tribe of Washington State. Peter works in a variety of media, his limited edition hand done serigraphs are sought after by collectors from all over North America and as far away as Germany and Australia. Not only does Peter print his own serigraph, Peter has been active in printing other artists work as well. Through his commitment to his community Peter has printed wok from many other artists. He has introduced the public to new artists and continues to work towards the expansion of tribal art.

In addition to his serigraphs Peter is well known for his dinnerware sets, flutes, drums, rattles, and carvings. He works in glass and larger scale paintings. Peter is also venturing out into larger scale public works. Peter is primarily a Coast Salish artist although he also works in contemporary and inter-tribal artwork as well.

For more information about Peter and to view samples of his work visit his website at or


I like to acknowledge the artists who came before me and who kept the art alive. When I was a child the art had a distinctive feel, it was mostly bold, one and two color designs. With this design I pay homage to those who paved the way. I kept it simple and bold with a playful title.


All of Peter's Serigraphs are hand printed on acid free cotton rag. For all of Peter's serigraphs he prints 5 artists' proofs and one printer's which are not available to the public. Occasionally Peter will issue a remake. All stencils are destroyed upon completion of the series. Peter does not re-issue series. This print is 37/68.



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