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Gecko Drum & Drumstick by Ramon Murillo - Washington State Historical Society

Gecko Drum & Drumstick by Ramon Murillo

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Gecko Drum & Drumstick by Shoshone-Bannok & Yaqui Artist Ramon Murillo


Materials - This deer hide was scraped and chemical free. It was stretched over a cedar frame, painted with acrylic paint, with an oil based protective varnish and is guaranteed for two years. 

Care instructions - Do not place in direct sun light for longer than 8 hours. Keep away at least 14" from heat source.

Tuning - In the winter or rainy days, it is natural for the form head hide to droop or lose tension, don't panic, move a hair dryer back and forth until it tightens up. In the summer, the hide will get very tight with a high pitch, to lower the tone, place a wet towel on the drum head for about 15 minutes. Happy drumming!

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