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Everest: The Mountaineering History, Third Edition, by Walt Unsworth

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Everest: The Mountaineering History, Third Edition, by Walt Unsworth.

"When Walt Unworth's classic history of Everest first appeared in 1981, it received universal praise. IT told for the first time the truth about many of the world's mountaineering legends, about not only the courage, the skill, and the altruism exhibited on the flanks of the world's highest mountain, but also about the incompetence, the pettiness, and the rages. Everest has always had the power to arouse both the best and the worst in human nature. From Norton, Mallory, and Smythe to Hillary, Unsoeld, Hornbein, and Messner: by giving these famous Everesters a human dimension, Unsworth allows us to more fully comprehend the nature of their achievements. 

A rush of activity on the mountain compelled Unsworth to issue a second edition in 1989. Since then the North East Ridge has been climbed in its entirety, eight people lost their lives in a single terrible storm in 1996, and George Mallory's body was found, adding new dimensions to the greatest mountaineering mystery of all time. 

In Everest: The Mountaineering History, Third Edition, Unsworth updates the history through spring 1999.

Everest: The Mountaineering History is more than a catalog of daring events by brave men. It seeks to explain why success or failure came about. It shows how mountaineers have overcome storms and high altitude as well as the human condition. For even in an era when big money, commercial guiding, and changing attitudes have had a profound effect on events, there have also been grand displays of the highest principles of mountain tradition. With extensive appendices, radically revised and updated, this is a book no lover of mountain adventure can be without."

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