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COLUMBIA: Winter 2000–01 – Vol. 14, No. 4

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Winter 2000–01 – Vol. 14, No. 4

From the Editor   2

History Commentary   3
Legal battles over the location of the state capital.
By Gerry L. Alexander

Hard Lessons in America   6
Puyallup tribal leader Henry Sicade tells the troubling tale of government-run Puyallup Indian School.
Edited by Cary C. Collins

The SS Tacoma   12
What does a Puget Sound port city have in common with the first major sea battle of World War II?
By Robert F. Peters

The Little Napoleon   17
Isaac I. Stevens’s brief tenure as governor of Washington Territory had far-reaching effects.
By Sherburne F. Cook, Jr.

History Album   21
Seattle brewery workers pose for a group photo.

The San Juan Sheep War   22
Great Britain and the United States warm up for a later, more serious better-known conflict over the “boundary question.”
By Michael Vouri

No Such River Exists   31
John Meares—in search of the illusive Northwest Passage.
By J. Richard Nokes

Segregation in Spokane   38
More subtle than in the South, discrimination still oppressed black residents of this eastern Washington community.
By Jim Kershner

Correspondence/Additional Reading   45

Columbia Reviews   46

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