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COLUMBIA: Winter 1997–98 – Vol. 11, No. 4

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Winter 1997–98 – Vol. 11, No. 4

From the Editor   2

History Commentary   3
The Lewis and Clark expedition—what does it mean to America almost 200 years later?
By Dayton Duncan

Orphan Road   7
Seattle’s long wait for a transcontinental train connection.
By Kurt E. Armbruster

From the Collection   19
Who are these people?

One Man’s Adventure in the Klondike   20
William Haskell’s gold rush memoir sparkles in the muddied landscape of Klondike literature.
By Terrence Cole

The Wahluke Slope of the Hanford Site   27
A historical land use debate rages on.
By Michele S. Gerber

History Album   34
Cranberry harvest.

Joshua the Second   35
The man who put a hex on San Francisco.
By Jan Parrott-Holden

Two Senators and the Boeing Company   38
Washington’s political culture leapt from progressivism to liberalism in less than 24 years.
By Richard S. Kirkendall

Columbia Reviews   44

Correspondence/Additional Reading   46

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