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COLUMBIA: Fall 2010 – Vol. 24, No. 3

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Fall 2010 – Vol. 24, No. 3

History Commentary   2
Environmental health goes hand in hand with natural beauty.
By Alfred Runte

Contemporary Makah Whaling   6
A Northwest Coast tribe works toward reviving a core cultural tradition.
By Janine Bowechop

Image Collections Online   14
Digital art.

The Atomic Pond   15
The Hanford site’s U–10 Pond—may it rest in peace.
By Melvin R. Adams

From the Collection   19
Reader challenge.

Through the Indian Country   20
In commemoration of the Mullan Road’s completion 150 years ago.
By Richard D. Scheuerman

History Album   28
Viola Garfield with rhubarb.

City of Mercy   29
The short-lived Baxter Army Hospital brought World War II home to the people of Spokane.
By Aimee E. Nechanicky

Retrospective Reviews   36
The novels of Helen Rucker.
By Peter Donahue

Additional Reading   37

Columbia Reviews   38

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