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COLUMBIA: Summer 2008 - Vol. 22, No. 2 - Washington State Historical Society

COLUMBIA: Summer 2008 - Vol. 22, No. 2

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Summer 2008 – Vol. 22, No. 2

From the Editor   2

History Commentary   3
Grover Krantz—searching for new frontiers in the heart of a conquered one.
By Wayne K. Spitzer

Tacoma Speedway   6
In the early days of auto racing, drivers and their fans flocked to the track in Lakewood.
By Steve Dunkelberger

Klondike Literature   9
These Alaska gold rush tales share a prominent characteristic with the region’s mountainous terrain—they are very tall.
By Terrence M. Cole

History Album   17
Spruce suits.

To the Brink and Back   18
Chief Moses’ leadership kept the Bannock War from spreading into Washington Territory.
By Michael McKenzie

Exclusion Order No. 1   28
What role did the U.S. Navy play in evacuating the Japanese from Bainbridge Island during World War II?
By Vernon D. Bashaw

From the Collection   35
Old nursery catalogs aid researchers.

Rising Tides of Empire   36
Friendly Cove was not always so friendly.
By Barry Gough

Retrospective Reviews   44
The island works of Hazel Heckman.
By Peter Donahue

Additional Reading   45

Columbia Reviews   46

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