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COLUMBIA: Summer 2007 - Vol. 21, No. 2 - Washington State Historical Society

COLUMBIA: Summer 2007 - Vol. 21, No. 2

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Summer 2007 – Vol. 21, No. 2

Behind the Scenes   2

Life and Death at the Tacoma Narrows   3
How Tubby met his doom on Galloping Gertie.
By Richard S. Hobbs and Gerry Coatsworth Holcomb

History Album   9
Books on parade.

Glittering Prospect   10
Was the Klondike gold rush Washington’s economic salvation 
or merely a dazzling distraction?
By Robert E. Ficken

On the Banks of the Mid-Columbia   17
A survey of human history at Celilo.
By William G. Robbins

Invasion of the Boardheads   24
A new variety of “anthropomorphic amphibians” 
now calls the Columbia River home.
By Andrew H. Fisher

From the Collection   34
A century-old trophy.

N. Rosenbaum   35
An eccentric businessman whose vision for Seattle’s future gave birth to the Paramount Theatre.
By Judith W. Rosenthal

The German Occupation of Fort Lewis   42
Pierce County played host to a group of World War II prisoners of war.
By Steve Dunkelberger

Retrospective Reviews   44
The novels of William Attaway.
By Peter Donahue

Additional Reading   45

Columbia Reviews   46

Correspondence   48

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