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COLUMBIA: Summer 1999 - Vol. 13, No. 2

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Summer 1999 – Vol. 13, No. 2

From the Editor   2

History Commentary   3
Self-destruction—Meriwether Lewis’s final act of “ultimate courage.”
By Dr. Reimert Thorolf Ravenholt

A Celebration of Tradition and Community   7
A look at sumo, the Japanese national sport, as practiced in the Pacific Northwest up to World War II.
By Joseph R. Svinth

Following Fortune   15
An entrepreneur of unsurpassed daring, Jedediah Smith plunged into the heart of the frontier that was the American West.
By James C. Auld

Historic Fort Steilacoom   22
Founded 150 years ago this summer as the first American military installation on Puget Sound.
By Steve Dunkelberger and Walter Neary

Rivers of Ice   24
Mount Rainier’s glaciers embrace its flanks like the “icy tentacles” of a “frozen octopus.”
By Ruth Kirk

History Album   31
Potlatch Day in Seattle.

The Olympia Letters of D. Ellis Willes   32
An image of early Washington Territory emerges from this Episcopal missionary’s correspondence.
By David E. Shawver

From the Collection   39
New York to Seattle in 31 hours.

Puget Sound’s Mosquito Fleet   40
Remembering the days when passengers, mail and commercial goods traveled the inland waters aboard steam-powered taxis.
By Carolyn W. Callaghan

Correspondence/Additional Reading   45

Columbia Reviews   46

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