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COLUMBIA: Summer 1991 - Vol. 5, No. 2

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Summer 1991 – Vol. 5, No. 2

History Commentary   3
The re-emerging frontier of the American West.
By Frank J. Popper and Deborah E. Popper

The World Fire Created   5
The Willamette Valley field-burning controversy rages on.
By Peter G. Boag

NP vs. John Barleycorn   12
"Demon liquor" and the building of the Stampede Pass Tunnel.
By R. Paul Tjossem

History Album   15
The Huggins family around the flagpole at Fort Nisqually.

The Other Explorers   16
Add Alcala Galiano and Valdes to the list of "important personages" in Pacific Northwest history.
By Donald C. Cutter

Fort Nisqually   22
Archaeology bridges the gap in public awareness of this historic site.
By Ruth Kirk

A Diverse Economy   28
Early 19th-century Hudson's Bay Company activity in the Pacific Northwest involved much more than beaver pelts.
By James R. Gibson

From the Collection   32
Diary of a sea captain's wife.

Salmon Bay Charlie 34
Last headman of the Lake People.
By Nile Thompson

Manhattan on the Columbia   38
The birth of Hanford as told by the people who helped build it.
By S. L. Sanger

Columbia Reviews   46

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