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COLUMBIA: Spring 2010 – Vol. 24, No. 1

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Spring 2010 – Vol. 24, No. 1

History Commentary   2
Roll on, Columbia.
By Teresa R. Herlinger

Bordering Reality   3
For early customs and immigration officers, the challenges of enforcing the international boundary at Sumas were large and numerous.
By Mary C. Greenfield

History Album   8
Yukio Morinaga’s “Smoke and Steam.”

Bobbi McCallum   9
Before her tragic death in 1969 this Seattle P–I writer won national journalism awards for her reporting on women’s issues.
By Kimberly Voss

From the Collection   15
“My Dear Cusin....”

From Wilderness to Wonderland   16
Did the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition surpass all previous world’s fairs in beauty—as its promoters promised?
By Kathy Mendelson

The Longview Homesteads 22
One of FDR’s New Deal programs brought agriculture into the urban landscape.
By Robert M. Carriker

Image Collections Online   29

Private Republic   30
A law unto itself, the Hudson’s Bay Company played its own game by its own rules.
By André Peñalver

Retrospective Reviews   36
The poetry of Mary J. Elmendorf.
By Peter Donahue

Additional Reading   37

Columbia Reviews   38

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