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COLUMBIA: Spring 2008 – Vol. 22, No. 1

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Spring 2008 – Vol. 22, No. 1

Behind the Scenes   2

History Commentary   3
History as a tool to accurately assess “the gender gap.”
By Stephanie Coontz

Seattle’s Paramount Theatre   9
A success story of historic preservation and restoration.
By Nena Peltin

Mapping America’s Progress   17
United States atlas publisher Alvin J. Johnson's careful documentation of the westward movement gave his company a competitive edge.
By Minie Smith

History Album   23
A quiet moment for Edmond Meany.

The West the Railroads Made   24
The construction of transcontinental railways altered the fabric of the American frontier.
By Carlos A. Schwantes

The Politics of Socialism   32
A look at early efforts to build a Socialist Party in the Northwest.
By Jeffrey A. Johnson

Rufus Woods   38
The Wenatchee Daily World’s editor and publisher wielded a mighty weapon in the push for Grand Coulee Dam.
By Rebecca Smith

Retrospective Reviews   42
The coastal novels of Nard Jones.
By Peter Donahue

Additional Reading   43

Columbia Reviews   44

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