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COLUMBIA: Spring 1989 – Vol. 3, No. 1

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Spring 1989 – Vol. 3, No. 1

History Commentary   2
Our brief history simplifies the task of understanding.
By John McCIelland Jr.

Panoramas of Promise   3
Bird's-eye view maps provide a unique window on the history of Washington's communities.
By Larry Schoonover

Whitman Mission Revisited   10
At long last, Paul Kane's 1847 drawings of the mission make their Washington debut.
By David Herrera

Our Brothers' Keepers   12
From first settlement to the dawn of the New Deal, human services in Washington struggled to meet people's needs.
By Russell Hollander

Visions of WSHS   21
A forward look at the Society's grand new plans, and a backward one at their predecessors.

Centennial Historical Facts   26
Some slices of life during springtime in Washington—100 years ago.
Edited by Redmond J. Barnett

Torches to Guide Us   28
Florence Merriam's never-before-published account of her visit to Neah Bay a century ago.
Edited by Harriet Kofalk

When History Was News   38
Pioneer Elwood Evans—still indignant on Admission Day—decried the obstacles to statehood.

Washington's Admission and Its Historians   40
Our historians were ho-hum about statehood, but things have changed.
By John S. Whitehead

Columbia Reviews   46

History Album 48
Logging takes to the air.

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