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COLUMBIA: Winter 1987–88 – Vol. 1, No. 4

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Winter 1987–88 – Vol. 1, No. 4

History Commentary   2
Rails first and then development.
By John McClelland Jr.

The Duke of Tacoma and His Wonderful Museum   3
A little scandal in our beginnings.
By Frank L. Green

Little Girl Memories of a Christmas on the Cowlitz   10
Cowbells on the horses, candles on the tree.
By Mrs. Charles Olson

Building Ships on a Lake   12
Wartime construction at Kirkland.
By Lorraine McConaghy

Stagecoaches to Trains, Just 100 Years Ago   20
Twenty years of struggle to connect the Northwest with California.
By David M. Buerge

When History Was News   30
Six-state convention demands that all of Oregon be part of the United States.

The Columbia Before It Was Tamed   32
How a raging river was opened to steamboat traffic.
By William D. Layman

On Exhibit: The Untamed Columbia   42

What Really Happened to Meriwether Lewis?   43
Could he have been shot by an outraged husband?
By Dee Brown

Columbia Reviews   46

History Album   48
Depression-year greetings.

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