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COLUMBIA: Spring 1988 – Vol. 2, No. 1

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COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History
Spring 1988 – Vol. 2, No. 1

History Commentary   2
Save those family diaries; the historians will need them.
By John McClelland Jr.

Strategy Strife on the Indian War Front   4
A governor and a general locked horns over the treatment—and mistreatment—of Indians.
By Sidney Berland

Centennial Hall of Honor Update   10
Nominations are still open for the 1989 honor roll.

Ezra Meeker Goes to Wall Street   12
The Washington pioneer tells of his brush with the world of high finance in 1870s New York.

When History Was News   22
Wall Street panic of another day had bad consequences for Washington.

Beheaded Pioneer   24
The colorful but tragic story of the Ebeys of Whidbey Island, told through the family diaries.
By Laura Arksey

Samuel G. Morse   31
Many of his photographs of the Makah, taken at the turn of the century, survive today.
By Carolyn Marr

The First Ascent of Mount St. Helens   36
A daring mountaineering feat in 1860.

Columbia Reviews   46

History Album   48
Harvy Crawford and his amazing flying machine.

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